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During a recent trip to Chicago, I had met with Donna in a nightclub. We had a few steamy time together in my car, but her friend, Janis got in the way. However, Donna was a joke, I ask my cell phone sex2ube number and she called me later and we made ​​an appointment. Donna arrived in a taxi for 8 clock 00 as scheduled and taken at a club in downtown Chicago called Club 307th Donna was a step in sex2ube the desk and walked away. The club was pretty full and Donna showed his passport sex2ube to a staff that led us to a table near the stage. On stage was a girl who travel only a G -string you are doing your best sex2ube suggestion, the audience attentive. I could not resist to see her as he pushed his pole and planted. I felt my hard cock as I watched. Donna asked me if I was enjoying the show and before I had to answer one more chance, I felt his hand slip into the waistband of the jeans, and her nimble fingers fell on the head of my cock Swole. ' Loosen the top button, 'he whispered, as she did, she took a firm grip on my cock and ran her hand up and down my shaft. Nobody was even looking in our direction and in the dim light of the club was hardly . My breathing increased so, seemed to increase the excitement Donnas. She rubbed me over and leaned over me was right, as he did. My mind was not in the room, there was nothing to were a blur as Donna finger like fire in my tail. was open to me now, jerk and everyone could see my penis if I were looking in our direction. moaned loudly as I felt cum up my shaft and was to explode when Donna puts her lips forward over the head of my cock as I exploded. my cum flowed into her mouth as she sucked and his best to deep throat me. the feeling was incredible, because the power suction more than they felt used. I could not stand it, but he did not want to stop. S before had subsided, the increase isDonna withdrew his hot lips on my cock and put my foreskin back and pressed, as they did. The last drops of cum flowed from my cock and licked them eagerly. Then she sat down and I got stuck my dick and my hurridly zipper jeans again. Donna smiled at me and said she had just a little jealous when I saw the pole dancer, and decided to distract myself. I said it did wonders. that Donna had met the previous night at a club called No Strings. We had been in my car, as his friend, Janis called his mobile phone and sex2ube the end of the process by insisting that sex2ube his company again. Later he had to leave to see Donna and Janis with two men in a car. Donna gave me telling me that Janis had an Internet session arranged with the two boys, but arrived late. He also said that all has not gone for years and had no one picked up by a very long time. They were about to end Janis maintain FRom and complained that she did not think I could go to get laid by someone with the rent on the first meeting. However, sex2ube after eating the pussy of ages in my car was very hot and gets fucked in every hole, the date was in the hotel room where he was after she was leaving the club. Instead of feeling guilty the next morning, he was given too much of himself and wanted more. We sat and saw thong girls wearing different doing things on stage and after a while, a waiter came and told us : 'Your room is ready, ma'am' Donna had a private room booked for us at the club the rest sex2ube of the night.
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